Energiaki: 25 years of expertise!

Koulosousas S. Vaios – Energiaki is active in the import, trade and application of renewable energy products, with a wide range of products such as batteries of all types, photovoltaic systems and solar water heating.

As a second generation company active in the field of batteries since 1967 and a purely family business, the core values of our company today focus on our commitment to promoting environmentally friendly energy storage solutions, either electric or thermal, that effectively meet the needs of customers.

Relationships with our customers are created, maintained and strengthened continuously by providing the best products and services.

What we do

With our 25 years of experience, know-how and innovation,
we have consistently delivered ideal energy storage solutions
for a wide range of applications.

PHOTOVOLTAICS off grid (autonomous)

Photovoltaic systems can be designed to meet any electricity requirement, no matter how large or small these needs are. The so-called off-grid photovoltaic systems can be connected independently.

Basic parts of an autonomous photovoltaic system:

  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Battery Charger
  • Batteries
  • Voltage Inverter

Electricity is generated by photovoltaic panels. It is then fed to the charger and from there to the batteries. Most devices operate on alternating current, so inverters are used to convert direct current to alternating current.

PHOTOVOLTAICS  grid connected (net metering)

PV from self-producers with energy netting (net metering). Energy offset means the offsetting of the energy injected into the Grid from a production station with the absorbed energy in the consumption facility of the autoproducer. It concerns a production station which is installed in the same or adjacent space with the consumption installation, which is connected to the distribution network through the same supply. In energy offset, the energy produced does not have to be synchronized with the energy consumed.

Basic parts of an interconnected photovoltaic system:

  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Grid Inverter

BATTERIES auto/moto

With experience since 1967 in the manufacture and marketing of batteries, we can now sell batteries that cover a range of applications in electric vehicles, trucks, cars and motorcycles. Take care of your vehicle by choosing from the best batteries on the market, made by the top brands that promise excellent operation and great durability. We provide a wide range of batteries, as we trade over 1,000 codes to choose the one that your vehicle needs.

Marine boat batteries

Boat batteries are the main element of power transmission in a boat and are called to be efficient through adverse conditions, as they must ensure many hours of uninterrupted power supply, with continuous and consistent operation, but also have a long life.

Their closed construction allows their use in applications even upside down, while they withstand greater and deeper discharges, something particularly important for boat owners – users.

All boat batteries offered by Koulousousas S. Vaios – Energy have been manufactured by reputable manufacturers with quality materials and excellent technique, providing safety and guarantee.

Boat batteries are installed for the following applications:

  • Engine starter batteries
  • Consumer batteries (refrigerator, controls, lighting, toilets, etc.)
  • VHF / UHF emergency batteries
  • Bow thruster batteries
  • Anchor motor batteries

Industrial use batteries

The increasing demands of the industry, as well as the diversity of applications of modern industrial vehicles, require the use of batteries that are able to operate in difficult conditions, have a longer service life and warranty.

Industrial type batteries are installed for the following applications:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Batteries
  • Backup light batteries
  • Batteries for electric vehicles
  • Electric forklift batteries (Clark)